Enhanced Curriculum

Leading Link passionately believe that attainment in school is an integral part of a young person's development and as such, we offer a variety of bespoke projects which help to enhance what is already being taught in the classroom and in other areas of school life:

Youth Voice and Mentoring

Leading Link strive to encourage young people to manage positive change in their schools and wider communities whilst giving them a voice.

We work with young people on their School Councils to offer training and development programmes, including chairing meetings, fundraising, involvement and support in local youth elections, trips to Parliament and involvement in planning and delivering their own youth debates.  We believe in offering real experiences within real boundaries such as training with an Ofsted Inspector before working with the school on identifying possible change.


We also train young volunteers to develop key leadership and teamwork skills and facilitate their own workshops on different subjects. These include our Youth Ambassadors™ and graduates of our NCS programmes, who we offer several opportunities and progression routes throughout the year. 

Leading Link boasts its own in-house youth media team, MediaLinks, who we offer worthwhile training opportunities and 'real' experience in the media, which benefits their personal portfoilios (work published on websites, in local newspapers and television) and also helps to increase the awareness of the charity's work.

Curriculum Enhancement

Our interactive and dynamic workshops aim to enhance what is being taught in the classroom. Workshops include:

The BU Programme: A programme devised by Children North-East to raise skills in our young people to maintain emotional wellbeing.

Independent Living: A bespoke days programme with a mixture of activities to enhance independent living skills.  Activities range from ironing, changing a plug, building a flat pack, choosing a house mate, The Price is Right (a look at the quality difference, if any, of labelled food against supermarkets own brands), through to budgeting, relationships with money and Knowing Your Rights. Suitable for ages 7 - 18.

Team building days:  Another bespoke package for 1 to 5 days.  A variety of team challenges stretching right out of the comfort zones of most!

Roving Reporters: Learn some of the tools of the journalism trade and enhance ltieracy skills through interactive activities on fact finding, interview skills and writing your own newspaper article - the workshop can also include activities on film, photography and radio.

Magic Maths: Watch as we amaze students with our Magic Maths, then teach them the tricks and the numbers behind it. It is also a chance for them to use Maths to solve the mystery of our missing tortoise, all while using sums, number patterns and prroblem solving skills.

Who Killed Ted?: Get kitted up in white suit and mask and investigate our crime scene to discover skills and work out who killed Ted the Bear. Learn and practice forensic techniques including dusting for fingerprints, testing pen samples, measuring shoe prints and other evidence building activities.

Our workshops are designed to be flexible and we can work with you to ensure that what we deliver is right for your students. This can include focussing on a particular topic, delivering a series of more in-depth workshops on different subjects or to larger classes of students.



Leading Link run targeted in-school programmes and holiday camps, to help to ease the transition between different schools.

Summer camps are a mixture between team building activities, meeting new staff, visiting their new Secondary school and some exciting icebreaker workshops. Previous summer camps have included visits to St James' Park and BBC Newcastle, workshops on Cooking for Royalty and gory makeup and facepainting and general drama and sports games to help build relationships between students from other schools. 

The young people are then introduced to the BBC News School Report, which is a BBC project which looks at engaging young people from around 1000 schools across the UK in the news, to learn the basics of reporting. In March, The Lodge then transforms into a newsroom and the group have to produce their own report to a deadline of 2pm. This means they can be news and weather presenters, floor managers or even be behind the camera.

Targeted work

Leading Link work with targeted groups of vulnerable young people with different problems - including behavioural, emotional and mental health - for multiple schools/partnerships. The focus is mainly on increasing participation and leadership skills, and offering progression opportunities after the intervention.

Our MINTED programme for potential NEETs saw 100% of participants move into further education or employment after the programme.

Family Support

Leading Link offer a series of family support with activities including 'Keeping up with the kids', to encourage parents and other family members to improve and develop their maths and literacy skills, and 'Lads and Dads' encouraging participations from young people and their fathers.

Partnership work includes working with Blyth-based unemployed peoples centre BRIC.

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Beyond Education

Enhancing the learning that takes place in the classroom.

Children's University

Children's University™

A national project raising the aspirations of Northumberland.


The Big Event

Our annual community celebration, now in its 8th year.